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Soho Bites Podcast

Welcome to Soho Bites - a Soho on Screen podcast.

For generations, Soho has been the beating heart of cosmopolitan, bohemian London.

This podcast is dedicated to films that are set there.

At Soho Bites, we talk to people who love Soho and people who love films.

You can find the show notes on our guests with links to extra content here:


Oct 3, 2019

Episode four is all about change - specifically, those unique places in Soho that are no longer what they used to be. We talk to film maker, Henry Scott Irvine about his documentary, Tales From Tin Pan Alley, which charts the sad decline of Denmark Street and Dr Adrian Smith gives us his take on the 1966 Sexploitation...

Aug 27, 2019

The theme of episode three of this series of Soho Bites is crime. First up, tour guide Aidan McManus of Flipside London runs us through the history of gangland Soho. Later, we slightly stretch the definition of a Soho film when we talk to podcaster and Alfred Hitchcock expert, Adam Roche about two of Hitch's movies....

Aug 20, 2019

In episode two of this new series of Soho Bites, Jingan Young talks to comedian Mel Byron about the 1953 Soho noir, Street of Shadows and singer, actor, impressionist and graphic novelist Jessica Martin reminisces about her late father, the Soho band leader, Ido.

Details about Mel's upcoming gigs can be found here and...

Aug 11, 2019

In episode one of this new series of Soho Bites, Jingan Young talks to Professor Michael Berkowitz from UCL about the 1963 classic Soho movie, "The Small World of Sammy Lee" and Dom Delargy goes drinking in Soho with the chaps from